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April 2012

Outside my window…is still and dark. I love the night-time. 

I am thinking…that I should have never agreed to get a dog. 

I am thankful...for my wonderful husband. 

From the kitchen...was homemade goulash.

I am wearing...maternity clothes…again. 

I am remembering...what it felt like to be thin. 

I am going...no place for the rest of the week. This makes me very happy! 

I am praying…for a healthy pregnancy and our new baby girl. 

On my mind…is how many things I NEED to do. 

I am hearing...Asher jabber himself to sleep, Jesse on his computer checking work and eating his dinner, Phebe doing dishes, and Abner singing one of his crazy songs. 

Around the house...is a lot of dog hair. That dog sheds more than any other. 

Noticing that….being a mom again at an “older” age is far better than a “younger” age.

Pondering these words…”WOW”…It’s one of Asher’s new favorites.

One of my favorite things...is making others laugh. 

A picture thought…I miss all of Asher’s curls.