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I have had quite a few sales jobs during my lifetime. I've sold candles, vacuums, food, cleaning products, and probably some stuff I can't even remember. I tended to do a pretty good job at selling things, but never enjoyed it at all. I do enjoy having in-home parties that showcase certain products. I had a party a few years ago and invited 40 people. My mom is the only one who came, so I said I would NEVER host another party. Well, never say never. I ended up hosting another party a couple of weeks ago. I invited 122 people but only 7 people came. No complaints though...I was able to get what I wanted for free. One of the ladies that had had a party in my home 4 or 5 years ago called me this evening to see if I would be willing to join her team and sell with her. I declined and explained that I was enjoying being a stay-at-home mom plus I was 6 months pregnant. She asked the ages of my other children and exclaimed that I sure knew how to spread them out. She said that I probably wasn't use to being pregnant again. I went on to explain that I had had a baby in January but that he had only lived 2 days. Her reply was, "Well, you know jewelry fixes everything!"

I hung up in total shock. Jewelry fixes everything? If that's the case I want to sell all I own and go to the nearest jewelry store.

I know this woman and I know she is a believer. I'm assuming she wasn't expecting to hear such sad news and just didn't know how to reply. This, of course, got me to thinking about what does fix everything. I know that God's grace, truth, and love fixes it all. I also know that just because something is fixed doesn't necessarily mean there aren't noticeable repairs. Just looking at what I have tried to repair with Elmer's glue will prove that.

So what needed to be repaired after Uriah died? My heart. There was quite a nice size wound there, and it is still healing. There are also other noticeable scars on my heart. Scars I have brought on myself and scars from others. While doing a Bible study a few weeks ago I realized that those "cracks" can be repaired by God so that no one would ever know they were there. The woman teaching the class was talking about the verse in John that says, "He must increase, but I must decrease." She drew a heart on the paper and drew in a bunch of cracks. In the spaces she wrote in some hurts. There were bitterness, anger, rejection, etc. We talked about how when we give these hurts over to the Lord He not only takes those hurts away but fills them with Himself. When He does this our hearts are able to enlarge and this is how we grow in Him.

I saw a show once on enlarged hearts and they were explaining that this was a very unhealthy thing to have. They are correct if they are talking about our physical heart, but dead wrong when speaking of the spiritual heart. My question then is, "How large can I grow my heart?" I want to tone up my heart. I want my heart to be the largest muscle in my body. Not large with hurts, but large with His peace.

Jewelry doesn't fix everything but if my hubby is reading this...it does help.


Patricia said...

It's amazing how insensitive some people can be. Hannah, you have written a great devotional. Keep writing and sharing. Most of us can relate to the truths you expressed. And I'm sure Jesse will be reading it!:)

Love you!