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It frustrates me to no end how food comforts me so. I could write a series of books on why I love to eat. I hate to admit that food is my addiction. I could go on forever about what I love about eating...the texture of the food in my mouth...the feeling of it as I swallow...the different spots on my tongue that are satisfied with different flavors...the smell of the food before I take a bite. Yep, I have a problem!!! Eating for me, is hardly ever about being hungry, but about the pleasure it brings.

So some friends of mine started the HCG diet and I have watched the weight fall off of them. I figured if they could do it so could I. This diet lasts 40 days and you are suppose to be able to lose a pound a day. Yep, I would love to drop 40 pounds...not many people wouldn't. The question is, can I do it??? Can I stick to the strictness of the diet? I'm only allowed 500 calories a day. Good grief...I probably ate that at each meal pre-diet.

Yesterday I ate 520 calories. By late evening I wanted food and I wanted it now. My hubby got home from work and fixed himself something to eat...bacon, french toast, tators. I thought I would lose my mind. The piece of fish and 1/2 cup of green beans I had eaten many hours before were but a faint memory. I went and took a hot bath to distract myself. It worked. :o)

I'm suppose to weigh myself every morning. I prayed I lost my 1 pound for the first day. I was so scared to stand on that scale. I almost chickened out. What if I had gained. You may laugh, but a few weeks ago I worked so hard one week to lose a couple of pounds. I watched my calories and moved more, and thought for sure I had lost something. When I stood on the scale, at the end of the week, I had gained 4 pounds. I was so depressed. So this morning all those fears came rushing back. Would I gain, would I stay the same???

I LOST 4 POUNDS!!!! What in the world??? Totally happy!!! Then the realization that I probably won't lose anything for the next few days, since I'm only supposed to lose a pound a day. Oh well, that 4 pound loss felt pretty good. I have to admit it didn't feel as good as I imagined some of my favorite foods would have tasted. ;O)


Sunny said...

Keep with it. Don't be surprised if you lose again tomorrow. The first two weeks tend to be the best losses before everything slows down. That is when you will have to start really watching your measurements to get encouragement. I did 50 days and lost 30 pounds. It averages for women down to about .5-.75 pounds a day. But since you are doing the drops, I have heard that you can just keep going until you get to your goal. Immunity isn't the same for the drops. Good job and keep up and good work!