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After moving to our new home almost 2 years ago I never even thought about where I would find fresh produce. Last year we had so many issues with Phebe I didn’t get to put many things up. My poor son was about ready to have me horsewhipped if I didn’t provide him with more homemade strawberry jam.  I started asking around about where to find fresh strawberries and I finally received a good lead on fresh berries…even though it was 40 minutes away.  It actually ended up being further away than that because I forgot my purse and had to go back ½ ways to meet up with my hubby who was kind enough to bring it to me.

When I was asking around about berries everyone kept asking what I did with them. When I told them I made jam they started asking to come and watch because they had never made it. I was amazed at how many people had never done this. So I planned on having a group of ladies over for a fun evening of jam making. However, no one’s schedule seemed to match up with mine. Sooooooooooooooooo I am going to post how I make my freezer jam.

I've been making this since I was a teenager and I hope to soon pass the torch of jam making on to one of my children.  

Yeah right!

Asher isn't allowed to have jam...too much sugar. So he eats the berries til they come out his ears.  :o)

These are all the ingredients.

These are the supplies I use. (I forgot to put the whisk in the picture)

This is 4 quarts of berries. This is also the boring part. Don't tell my kids...I tell them this is the best part.  ;-)

The finished product...nice and clean!

OK so this is how the recipe says to mash them. I used to and then I woke up...20 years later. Grrrr!!!!

Once I wised up I started using a food processor.  Just remember to keep it chunky. At least that's how we like it.

In a saucepan pour 3 cups of sugar. Isn't that nuts? This is the low sugar recipe too!

Then add a box of Sure*Jell, whisk well, and add 1 cup of water.

Heat over medium heat, and stir until your arm breaks off. 

After it comes to a rolling boil stir for another minute. Ok, so my first batch I have no clue how long it boiled because poor Mr. Asher was having a nervous breakdown I needed to attend to. 

Pour boiling mixture into 4 cups of crushed berries. Stir for another minute.

Pour into 2 cup containers.

Let them set for 24 hours before placing them in the freezer. 

4 quarts of fresh berries will actually make 8 containers. I made 24 containers tonight and plan to make 24 tomorrow.  I'm hoping this will last us a couple of years.


Patricia said...

Love the picture of Asher! Your jam looks delicious. Glad you were able to make it this year. I make the freezer kind (different recipe) for Grandma D.