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I struggle all the time with what to wear.  I rarely feel like I’m dressed for the occasion.  I often feel either over or under dressed.  I loved it when I was in school and we all wore the same uniform.  Absolutely no stress at all…same red, white, and blue outfit every day.  I didn’t even have to think about it.  My biggest concern was if I had a clean uniform or not.
Someone asked me last week if I was “wearing” the suit God had chosen for me or had I donned my own ensemble? I didn’t really know what she meant at first, but she went on to explain that often we wear what is comfy instead of what is given to us.  If we're talking actual clothes, you better believe, I’ll be choosing sweats and a t-shirt every time!  I’m comfy for sure, but not at all attractive.  ;-)  Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I enjoy getting all dolled up and adding all the fun accessories. 

She, however, wasn’t talking about my everyday attire.  She was talking about who I was as a person…my character.  What am I wearing?  I didn’t even know how to answer the question.  I’ve seen at times in my life that I slid into the “victim” jacket.  I think when many areas of your life go awry it’s very easy to be the “victim.” Well, at least it is for me. When you wear that jacket you often begin to believe the lies that get whispered by the devil.  “You aren’t worth anything.”  “You deserve to be treated badly.” “No one really loves you…it’s all an act.”  The whispers become so deafening that soon it is all we can hear, think, and believe.
What about the coat of pride?  You know, that comfy feeling of entitlement.   After all, we’ve trudged our way through the muck and mire of life…don’t we deserve to be treated with respect?

Oh, and let’s not forget the cloak of passivity.  You know, that cloak that fits so nicely and no one really ever notices you.  Because if you’re not noticed then little will be required.  Life is so full and busy…not to mention HARD!  If we wear that cloak life will be easier, and maybe a little quieter.  Sometimes we just want to be left alone. We really desire to go unnoticed.  That is until we do something WE feel should deserve a bit of praise.

I often like to shrug on a shawl of depression.  I can wrap myself up in it…engulf myself in its darkness.  I snuggle right down and take a nice long nap in its warmth.  When I’m down and out I can isolate myself.  I don’t have to worry about responsibilities, or the demands of life.  I can wallow in my own yuck.  I can roll around in my self-pity, get dirty in my “woe is me” attitude, and fling about a few “if only” phrases.  It’s downright disgusting!

Today our pastor was talking about dying daily to self.  Choosing to die every day to my own desires and wants.  Choosing instead to live my life for Christ.  Sometimes I don’t have a clue what that even means. Thankfully, like pastor said, all we have to do is slip into His yoke.  Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me. For I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”  I NEED a teacher.  I’m not a good leader.  It is music to my ears to know that I won’t have to lead when I choose to wear the yoke with Christ. I need someone who will gently lead me.  I don’t do well with cruel treatment by authority.  Then He adds that if I choose this, that I will find rest for my soul.  Come on…who doesn’t want that?!?!?!  For myself, I like to try to convince myself that when I’m wearing the shawl of depression that I’m getting peace.  That is the furthest thing from the truth.  There is NO peace when I’m depressed.  There is no rest.

So I’ve made a decision today.  I’ll continue to wear my comfy sweats when it’s appropriate…only around the house.  I will also choose to wake up each morning and thank the Lord for a new day and then slide into my side of the yoke. I can’t wait to see what my wardrobe of life will look like once I start doing this.  No more the frumpy attire of sin but instead I’ll be able to wear the armor of God. My closet will be full of truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation. I believe then I’ll even have the beautiful accessories of the fruit of the Spirit He talks about in Galatians 5:22-23 For the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  Who wouldn’t want to wear those gems?????

It’s such a nice feeling not having to worry about what I’m going to wear tomorrow.  I already have it picked out!