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Asher is now four and has an amazing imagination.  He LOVES to play new made-up games.  His newest pastime is pretending to be someone and acting out a play…preferably with someone else.  Today it was all about David…King David…before he became king. 

“Dad, you’re going to be Goliath and I’m going to be David. So go get a sword and a shield.”

My hubby complied and stood in front of Asher and said, “Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an Israelite!”

Asher was immediately furious. “DAD, that is NOT what Goliath said.  He said, ‘What am I - a dog?’ and then he laughed like this ‘HA HA HA!’ Now try again.”

My poor hubby!!!!!

So Jesse said in quite a quiet manner, “What am I - a dog? Hee hee hee.”

I thought poor Asher was going to come unglued. “DAD, loud….Goliath was very loud! WHAT AM I A DOG? HA HA HA HA HA!”

Jesse eventually did it right.  ;-)  Asher has no problem telling you when you are doing something incorrectly, but he also doesn’t have a problem with telling you when you do something right.

A few weeks ago Asher complained throughout the day that his tummy hurt.  I gave him a little extra attention but since he had no symptoms I didn’t do much else. It had been a very long day.  Everyone was finally in bed.  Jesse was getting ready for bed and I decided I would sneak downstairs and watch a little TV all by myself. :-)  I don’t think I had been sitting there 5 minutes when I heard Asher screaming his head off.  Now let me explain what I mean by that.  This kid has THE shrillest screech you have ever heard.  In fact, when he was just a baby he woke up crying from his nap with that scream that can wake the dead.  The neighbor was sleeping in his house and said he sat straight up in bed thinking the house must be on fire. No, it was just my son next door letting me know he was ready to get out of bed.  :-/

So I’m hearing this screech and I instantly know he’s up there vomiting.  I took a deep breath and settled back in the chair.  I convinced myself at that moment that my hubby could handle it.  Just nominate me for “mom of the year.” After five or six minutes of this gut-wrenching crying I finally headed upstairs.  It’s funny to me now, when I recall the sight.
Jesse is a very patient man and also VERY quiet.  So the man I saw that night sort of shocked me.  He was forcefully trying to get Asher to bend over the toilet to vomit.  Very loudly stating, “BEND OVER BEND OVER!”  Asher only arched his back and sprayed the bathroom with……YUCK! FYI ladies…guys weren’t meant to do stuff like this, and it’s ok.  

So I ran to Asher’s side and told him how sorry I was he was sick.  I started to rub his back and repeatedly told him what a brave little boy he was.  The next time he needed to up-chuck he bent right over the toilet and did his thing.  I continued to sooth and comfort him.  Then I put him in a nice warm bath with peppermint oil. He laid in there and just relaxed.  It was so sweet.  I ran the water over his tummy with my hand and kept telling him he was such a big boy…handling all of this so well.  My poor hubby was cleaning the bathroom while this was going on.  Poor guy!!!!  Although I think he much preferred it.

Asher ended up in bed with us.  I snuggled in close to him and massaged his tummy with oils.  He started to nod off. Then he turned to me smiled and said, “Momma, you take such good care of me.”  Then fell asleep.  Oh the guilt I felt!  I knew I wasn’t the great mom Asher thought I was.  For crying out loud I had just sat in my lazy boy forever before deciding to help him.  UGH!

My children teach me something nearly every day.  I love how the Lord uses them to do that for me.
I’ve talked to some different ladies the last few weeks, and was astonished by what they said.  They were struggling in the same areas as I was.  They said things like:

I’m worthless as a mom.

My family would be better off without me.

I can’t figure out why my husband even bothers to stay with me.

I’m the worst wife ever.

I’m ugly.

I’m fat.

I don’t know how to cook, dress, decorate, clean, care for my children.

I’m unworthy of love.

My kids deserve a mom who gets up and devotes more time with them.
WOW, who is telling us women this crap?!?!?!?!?! It sure isn’t God! I think it’s the stinkin’ rotten devil.  I believe with all my heart he is very jealous of moms. Why?  Because it is something he can never be.  He can never feel that little one grow inside of him. He can never deliver a baby and feel that fulfillment of being a woman.   He can never feed a baby from his breast.  He can never comfort like a mom because he can never be one.  So what does he do?  He torments us with lies.  You know what WE do?  We listen.  Why?  Because he’s very convincing.  I know with all my heart I’m not even close to being the woman Eve was.  Yet, he was able to confuse and convince her of a very big lie.  Do we really think we are better than Eve?  She was a woman who actually walked and talked with God. 

Then we silly women keep all of these hurts, lies, feelings, and struggles to ourselves. We convince ourselves that we are the only ones who feel this way.  HARDLY!  Ladies we need to share how we feel.  We need to talk.  We need to cry.  Why are we hiding?  Why are we hurting alone?  The devil is enjoying this so much.  He’s over in the corner laughing his fool head off at us.  How about we stop giving him that satisfaction!?!  How about we speak the truth!?!  How about we take every thought captive!?!  If we would just do the simple things that God encourages us to do, life would be sooooooo much better.

If God wants us to have an abundant life how can we have that if we are listening to a bunch of lies? We MUST speak the truth!!!!!

I am a princess of the most high King.( Romans 8:17)

I am His favorite. (John 17:23)

He loves me completely.  (Ephesians 3:16-21)

He has a plan just for me. (Jeremiah 29:11)

I am holy and without blame. (Ephesians 1:4)

He sings over me. (Zephaniah 3:17)

He knows my heart. (Psalms 139:1-2)

He says I’m beautiful. (1 Peter 3:3-4)

He will never leave me. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

I can stop the devil. (Ephesians 6:16)

Sometimes the truth hurts.  Just ask my poor hubby when Asher “instructs” him. Other times the truth will lift us up.  The truth will bring us closer to Christ.  The truth will set us free from the lies of the devil.

Who’s with me?  Who will stand with me today and SPEAK THE TRUTH!!??!!