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Outside my window…is gorgeous sunshine and melting snow.

I am thinking...I wish my feet were warm.

I am thankful for...my new part time babysitting job.

From the kitchen...will be home-made pizza.

I am wearing...no socks.

I am remembering...what it was like to walk in the nice warm weather.

I am going...to get groceries later in the week, and not really looking forward to it.

I am reading...Making More Milk by Diana West and Lisa Marasco, and wishing I could produce enough milk to feed my baby.

I am praying…for financial wisdom.

On my mind…is SPRING!!!

I am hearing...Asher bounce and coo in his jumping chair, classical music from the TV, and Abner make strange noises as he does his school work.

Around the house...is TONS of dust. My hubby cleaned out all of the heat radiators with an air compressor which made an extra large abundance of dust throughout the house.

Noticing that…losing weight also gives me more energy.

Pondering these words… "I love you mom!"

One of my favorite things...is watching Asher "talk" to me.

A picture thought… Asher telling us HIS thoughts.


Patricia said...


I'm so looking forward to seeing Asher and the rest of his family. :)