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Outside my window…is pitch darkness and a storm brewing.

I am thinking…I hope I sleep well tonight. I broke my ankle this weekend and the pain is quite intense.

I am thankful...God protected me from getting hurt worse than I was. A broken ankle is much better than a broken back or hip.

From the kitchen...was stuffed shells from my best friend Lorie and Raspberry pie from the best neighbor ever. DELISH!

I am wearing...a new cast and tears of pain.

I am remembering...how helpful everyone has been the last few days.

I am going...from couch to bathroom and bathroom to couch for the next 6 weeks.

I am reading...Superbaby 12 ways to give your child a head start in the first three years. By Dr. Jenn Berman

I am praying…that my ankle heals quickly.

On my mind…is the lesson the Lord is trying to teach me through this time of healing.

I am hearing...the music of Seussical as we watch the musical the kids and I were in a few years ago.

Around the house...walker, crutches, pain pills, and ice packs.

Noticing that….it’s difficult to have others do for me. I hate being waited on.

Pondering these words…
“How did you fall down the stairs?”

I don’t even know how to answer that question.

One of my favorite things...is encouraging words from friends, family, and church family.

A picture thought…My best friend and my best baby.


lindabergeon said...

I love this. Keep posting your day to day thoughts. Print each page. The kids will love reading it in years to come. The greatest gift my mom has left us are her written words. Although she is still alive with Alzheimers, she has no words for us. We can go back to the written words and get comfort. They are forever. Linda

Patricia said...

How did you fall down the stairs? Gracefully, of course!

Love the picture too. Praying for you.