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Outside my window…is chicken cooking on the grill.

I am thinking…that my children are growing too quickly.

I am thankful...that Phebe is doing better every day.

From the kitchen...is grilled chicken and zucchini, broccoli from the garden, red skinned potatoes, ruhbarb crumble, and blueberry pie.

I am wearing...a skirt I recently realized that I always wear pants. I thought I would wear a skirt for a change. I feel weird.

I am remembering...what it was like when Phebe could at least help with doing dishes.

I am going...to get groceries after the baby goes to bed.

I am praying…for someone I should have been praying for for all along.

On my mind…is how quickly time flies the older I get.

I am hearing...Abner play basketball in the driveway, and the potatoes boiling on the stove.

Around the house...are toys in nooks and crannie…placed there by little Asher boy.

Noticing that….the days are getting shorter.

Pondering these words…Love thy neighbor as thyself.

One of my favorite things...is sleeping.

A picture thought…here are some pictures Phebe took before she regressed.

Some decorations in her bedroom.

Asher and me enjoying the beautifull weather.

Flowers in our yard.